Ushering and Hospitality

Our aim is to make sure that every visitor, first time guest or faithful member feels welcome by greeting them at our doors with a friendly handshake and/or hug and with a smile on our face. Our ushers will then show everyone to their seats. We guide families with children to the ‘kidz’ and ‘teen zone’ and are willing to answer any questions you may have about our church.

We are also dedicated to making sure the service goes uninterrupted by any distractions and make it an environment that the Holy Spirit can minister to the needs of the people. We want to value every person who comes to Global Crossfire, so our Team also follows up by making phone calls or sending cards to members and guests. We serve food and drinks to whoever needs something to eat after service every Sunday.

We are a ministry dedicated to loving people and making them feel that they have found a home with us.

If you would like more info contact Deaconess Judy on 01843 265001.